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We almost always have pets for sale but usually do not add pictures here - the pictures you see here are past show/brood quality that have already sold - Email to quietcreek @ for current for sale list  - Please read Sales Policy page 

​Welcome to Quietcreek Farm


***We do not sell tiny babies - We do not breed just to sell - our Holland and Netherland babies are not weaned until they are 8 weeks old or older and not available for sale until we feel they are stable and usually older - by doing this we have very stable and well adjusted rabbits when they transfer to their new family.
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Click on the bunny to go to our announcement page

Click on the bunny to go to our announcement page

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​ Want an updated list of what is for sale?  email us at


Fuzzies for THERAPY!!

Every once in a while we have a fuzzy holland pop up in a litter. There is nothing any Holland Lop breeder can do about it, BUT we have been given a wonderful suggestion for a use for these CUTE lil guys! These fuzzies would make wonderful therapy animals!!  They require more brushing than the regular Hollands making them a perfect candidate for a child or adult with special needs that could benefit from hands on experiences....If you have a need for one of our fuzzies please feel free to contact us and we will see how we can help. 

******Located in North Texas***

Registered Rabbitry, Registered Breeders with the ARBA and ARBA Registrar


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